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Mi-bambino London, curated by Lauren Morrison, creative director, is inspired by the nostalgia of childhood memories of family and friends growing up in the 80s and 90s that influences fashion, music, film and art within popular culture. Lauren has an extensive fashion journey from her academic and industry experience spanning over twenty-three years across the children's and womenswear industries.  


Fashion was a natural progression for Lauren, working from the age of sixteen within the apparel industry. Lauren style was influenced by different genera's which is reflective of what I design. I believe that children should look like children and that your style reflects your personality & expression.

Lauren's grandmother influenced her fashion journey by buying & selling second-hand clothing from the UK for disadvantaged children and families in Jamaica. She was a humanitarian & always loved caring for children & others. Lauren's grandmother would show her how to knit and create pattern pieces for her dolls when she was younger. My mother was a seamstress, & her father designed & made leather garments for men/women and children in the late 80s.


Mi-bambino's name derived from a former client my father used to design for in the '80s called "Bambini". The name became apparent whilst developing the idea of creating a children's clothing brand when I gave birth to my daughter Imani, who is now 19 years old & calling it. "Mi-bambino" (My Baby), 


As a mother, I found it hard sometimes to find stylish brands in one place that added a point of difference to be unique in style. Mi-bambino adopted the idea of creating a lifestyle brand where mothers & fathers can select the best sustainable styles & designs in one place by saving time to concentrate on other aspects of family life.

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