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We believe in quality versus quantity; because quality lasts longer.

 "It's that Simple"... 

We know that fashion is one of the most significant contributors and polluters to the environment that adversely affect climate change. We also know that exploitation of garment workers is unacceptable. That's why we only work with family-owned businesses that have clear transparency within their supply chain and business practices. 

For us, it's essential to care for our planet and human nature for our future generations. We can give you a

long-winded greenwashing statement to sustainability, but we prefer to be transparent and authentic in all our processes. 

When we work with our manufacturers/suppliers, locally and globally, extensive research goes into how and who produces our clothing from raw materials to production. We ensure that we understand each process and how this impacts the environment and human nature to prevent our fashion footprint as a brand. 

Children's wear clothing is very technical regarding garment construction. Our quality is craftsmanship to stand the test of time so that our products can be passed down to family members or friends because we know that children quickly advance.

Mi-bambino London chose to collaborate with the best in the business of garment manufacturing because their core values and responsibilities match our own. Our manufactures are committed to providing the highest quality of 100% Pure Organic Egyptian Cotton and Organic Cotton for baby clothes made in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Learn more about the Gold Seal on the Cotton Egypt Association 



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Did you know only 1% of the entire world's Cotton is genuine Egyptian Cotton? The Egyptian cotton seed combined with Egypt's fertile River Nile delta climate produces Cotton with extra-long fibres, making it uniquely soft, durable, and premium quality that will last a lifetime. Our Egyptian Cotton is the highest quality cotton available globally.


The finer cotton yarns provide a luxurious softness & quality, which was an obvious choice for our children's collections because we believe in quality, durability, & softness. We want to ensure that our products can last a lifetime by being re-purposed or past-down to family or friends.


We understand that slow fashion is imperative to our planet and the next generation. All our Egyptian Cotton has a Gold Seal of accreditation and only exclusively uses 100% Authentic Egyptian Cotton. 

Why biodynamic Farming is important from raw material to product....


Biodynamic farming is a process that eliminates imported fertilizers and pesticides and relies on its own biologically diverse habitat that encourages predator and prey relationships.


It addresses its own soil fertility needs within its farming system by delivering nutrient-rich humus created from integrating livestock and rotating crops.

The humus within the soil allows it to be naturally resistant to insects and diseases. Biodynamic is farm focussed and requires the entire farm to be certified. 

Only a few farmers globally apply biodynamic farming to grow Cotton. Mi-bambino London chose to work with manufacturers that use the ethical and sustainable practices we believe in to care for the planet and community locally and globally.


Biodynamic Farming.png


We believe that ethical manufacturing needs to be fair to everyone who produces our clothing and products.

It is essential our businesses share the same goals; this is why we take our time to do extensive research to work with suitable suppliers & manufacturers to give our customers the proper transparency required within our supply chain.


It is essential to create the same opportunities and fair wages to provide people with the appropriate cost of living locally and globally and not exploit people based on monetary gain because we are human beings, not machines.


"At Mi-bambino, we believe in producing sustainable quality, luxury children's wear that enhances slow fashion for our parents and children by protecting the planet and educating our future generation." 


All of our clothing is made from Bamboo lyocell. This new eco-friendly fabric has progressed from its conventional rayon viscose processes. It's essential to know the difference between Bamboo Lyocell & Viscose

Bamboo can be toxic for the environment if not extracted in the right way. As a brand, we are responsible for informing our customers how bamboo is extracted from raw materials to products from the planet. Bamboo Lyocell - uses less toxic chemicals and a closed-loop manufacturing process, unlike the conventional rayon viscose process.


What do we mean by CLOSED - LOOPED manufacturing? This technique uses a non-toxic solvent, amine oxide, which breaks down the bamboo pulp. This technique uses 99% of the solvent and water; the manufacturing process is repeated, repurposing the solvent and water so that nothing goes to waste and reducing the water consumption within the manufacturing process; this equates to minimal waste and is harmless to our planet and environment. 

Lyocell Process Bamboo .png

We must ensure that our products are biodegradable or repurposed to prevent our products from going to landfills. However, Bamboo lyocell is a renewable plant source and is biodegradable that decomposes easily back into the soil. However, Viscose and other synthetic fibre are more harmful to the environment because of the chemicals used to compile into a yarn. 

Lyocell Vs Viscose.png

The quality and nature of bamboo lyocell are very soft, smooth and silky, and the texture of the fibre is compared to cashmere. However, Viscose and other synthetic fibre are more harmful to the environment because of the chemicals used to compile the raw material into yarn. 


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