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To constantly evolve the definition of luxury and style for today's fashion conscious kids.

Mi-bambino keeps its finger on the pulse with the latest children's luxury fashion, designing the best styles for your children to wear. Fashion works in cycles that continuously evoke memories of the past and which translate into desirable trends each season. Mi-bambino will recreate these styles, so that your children are wearing the latest "Must Haves"



Mi-bambino London pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality materials for your children to wear. Our collections use natural and luxury fabrics from Bamboo, Egyptian and Sea Island cotton. 

Our Bamboo fabric is a natural textile that is highly sustainable and eco-friendly.  The bamboo fibre is known for its natural 

deodorising qualities,  hypoallergenic and UV resistant. Our fabric is soft, light and 

surprisingly silky for your new born baby or child. 

The reason why we choose to use Bamboo, Egyptian and Sea Island cotton fabrics is because we are concerned about our

environment and we believe that our 

products that are approaching their life cycle should be passed down or up-cycled to recreate something else.