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“The Concept Service” is one unique platform that helps brands leverage their exposure within a crowded market place, that 

Brand Consulting /Marketing / Market Analysis / Market Strategy / Market Position
Consumer Profiling /Brand DNA / Brand Development / Brand Strategy/Critical Path Management /Trend Analysis/ Range Planning / Option Planning / Third-party Product development and Sourcing
Forecast Accuracy (WSSI)/Margin / Price Management (Cost / RRP)
Stock Management/Merchandising / Reporting / Analysis (Setting Up Reports & Development) /WSSI / Promotion
 Sales / Online & Offline /Wholesale (Third Party Sourcing) / Distribution / Social media Platforms.

All our packages are tailored and personalised to you after an initial consultation. 

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The fashion industry can be an overwhelming place when growing a new brand. There are many aspects that need to be considered and planned before successfully launching your brand within the UK market.

Mi-bambino London understands what it takes to build a brand from scratch and help it flourish in an ever-changing market. We as a team have the academic and industry knowledge spanning over 20 years of experience from Luxury to Fast Fashion women and children’s wear.

We have the skills and experience to develop your brand and guide you through each step, giving you a personalised strategy to build your brand from the ground up, and expand your existing brand.

First Steps to Success...

Whether you're a wholesale business or a retailer, to drive your brand forward it is important that you have found your target audience and identified a gap in the market to achieve the success you need to thrive within the UK.  


Once identified, marketing plays an integral part to ensure a relationship can be built and a connection made between you and your consumer, and is a crucial next step for any fashion brand. 

Mi-Bambino London is here to help you define and achieve your goals and objectives, finding your place in the ever-changing UK market.


The leading online destination & kids fashion blog for independent children’s fashion globally from iconic luxury brands to

emerging kidswear labels.  

“Lauren Morrison from Mi-Bambino London is a regular contributor for Junior Style London “Tangereene magazine”, forecasting the latest trends in the childrenswear market for the upcoming seasons.

Lauren also contributes to Junior Style London Blog in a monthly contribution covering key seasonal trends, including writing copy and designing images for the blog and social media. Tangereene magazine is aimed at the youth market from 10-15 years old, an area Lauren has a keen eye for and  understanding, with regards to trends. 

Lauren has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in trend analysis and is able to work to deadlines, is efficient and highly creative bringing new ideas to the table!”


Romaine Coonghe - Junior Style London


"I was approached by Lauren (Mi-bambino London) through Instagram and was offered to participate in Mini Mode London Kids Fashion Week. A fantastic opportunity to showcase HUGLAND brand! The whole event was wonderfully organised and I'm grateful for the experience." 


Hugland by Hungland

"After a lot of research, evaluating and ultimately going with my gut deciding to work with Lauren Morrison founder of Mi-Bambino London was the best decision I have made for my business.​​

When choosing partners to work with once my fashion line was established I researched different fashion brands identities to makes sure their values matched up to mine and discovered the children wear brand ‘Mi-bambino London’ whose ethos of families first and quality measured against mine.​​

Working with Mi - Bambino London was ultimately the best decision I have made for my business. Lauren Morrison added refreshing input on my line, such as helping me with photography which would correlate with the brand's ethos, and how to price point quality clothing items at affordable prices to target my traditional demographic as working-class families as above.

Lauren Morrison also became a friend as she gave me personal advice on how to cope when my business becomes stressful." 

Launching AW2019 / House of Juniors 

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