We believe in quality versus quantity; because quality lasts longer.

 "It's that Simple"... 

We know that fashion is one of the most significant contributors and polluters to the environment that adversely affect climate change. We also know that exploitation of garment workers is unacceptable. That's why we only work with family-owned businesses that have clear transparency within their supply chain and business practices. 

For us, it's essential to care for our planet and human nature for our future generations. We can give you a

long-winded greenwashing statement to sustainability, but we prefer to be transparent and authentic in all our processes. 

When we work with our manufacturers/suppliers, locally and globally, extensive research goes into how and who produces our clothing from raw materials to production. We ensure that we understand each process and how this impacts the environment and human nature to prevent our fashion footprint as a brand. 

Children's wear clothing is very technical regarding garment construction. Our quality is craftsmanship to stand the test of time so that our products can be passed down to family members or friends because we know that children quickly advance.

Mi-bambino London chose to collaborate with the best in the business of garment manufacturing because their core values and responsibilities match our own. Our manufactures are committed to providing the highest quality of 100% Pure Organic Egyptian Cotton and Organic Cotton for baby clothes made in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Learn more about the Gold Seal on the Cotton Egypt Association 




To constantly evolve the definition of luxury and style for today's fashion conscious kids.

Mi-bambino keeps its finger on the pulse with the latest children's luxury fashion, designing the best styles for your children to wear. Fashion works in cycles that continuously evoke memories of the past and which translate into desirable trends each season. Mi-bambino will recreate these styles, so that your children are wearing the latest "Must Haves"