Our Story

Family focused:

Children are the most precious of all. They remind us of our youth, evoking memories of the past, feelings of nostalgia and optimism for the future. We want to help our customers make sure time spent with their kids is both stylish and fun. Mi-bambino London's promise is to stay true our belief that luxury can be accessible and on-trend.

Reliable and wise:

We love beautiful things and we know our customers do to. Using our wealth of experience, we handpick quality materials and create unique pieces that we know they will love. Our understanding of the industry and proprietary processes to ensure the best quality. Mi-bambino 

London customers can trust us, as we are parents too.

Sovereignty over your child’s wardrobe: 

Mi-bambino London is an authority when it comes to children’s fashion. We constantly listen and evolve our environment so that we can set trends before our customers even know they exist

The Journey so far..


We only know how to speak in one voice and that is our own voice. What you see is what you get with Mi-bambino London. We will always be true to what we believe and what we are passionate about. We have a vision and we are always striving to achieve it.


The simplest way is usually the best way. There is no need to complicate or confuse. We believe that being easy to deal with and being transparent will build long lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and each other. In doing this we will build a long-term sustainable business.


Lifestyle and technology never stand still. If we want to always surprise, we need to keep evolving and not rest on our laurels. We need to be able to respond and adapt to new challenges without losing sight of what we want to achieve. 

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The Inspiration

Mi-bambino London has been curated by Lauren Morrison that was inspired by the nostalgia of childhood memories of family and friends growing up in the 80s and 90s.  


Mi-bambino London has been an idea for a long time that has taken influences from my own personal style and childhood memories of growing up in the early 80s and 90s but has influences from fashion, music, film and art within popular culture.


Lauren was always influenced by fashion from her grandmother buying and selling clothes for children and families in Jamaica, my mother being a seamstress and her father designing and making leather garments for men/women and children in the late 80s.

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Fashion was a natural progression for Lauren working from the age of sixteen within the apparel industry. Lauren style was influenced by different genera's which is reflective of what I design. As I am a firm believer that children should look like children and that your style is reflective of your personality and expression.


The name Mi-bambino London was derived from a company my father used to design for called "Bambini" and the name became apparent whilst developing the idea of creating a children's clothing brand and calling it "Mi-bambino" (My Baby), when I gave birth to my daughter Imani, who is now 15 years old. 


As a mother, I found it hard sometimes to find stylish brands in one place that added a point of difference to be unique in style.

Mi-bambino influenced the idea of creating a space of where mothers and fathers can select the best styles and designs in one place by saving time to concentrate on other aspects of family life

Within the past year, Mi-bambino London has been working in the background providing a service to brands offering industry and academic
knowledge to merge brands into the UK market. Mi- bambino London has provided a service of brand consulting, network connections, brand exposure, marketing, promotions, product review, pricing strategy, market research and market analysis has helped brands to gain the exposure within the UK market or move their business to the next phase in the critical path.

Mi-bambino London works closely with businesses within the children's industry, by contributing to seasonal fashion trends for Tangereene Magazine for Junior Style London.net and supporting Mini Mode London kids fashion week. Mi-bambino London also helps emerging brands and established brands with brand consulting through our service "The concept service"